Can Chiropractic Care Help Me?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked.  The short answer is yes!  Does this mean that Chiropractic care can make you feel better or “heal” your particular problem? This part needs a little explanation…

The human body is self healing and self regulating.  Essentially this means that everyday your body does it’s very best to maintain, regulate and adapt itself.  It does this as long as nothing intereferes with it’s innate or inborn control system.  This master controlling system in the body is your nervous system.  It is responsible to oversee and control every function in your body. If it works with no interference your body is free to work at it’s very best giving you the best opportunity to heal.

Since the Nervous system controls and coordinates every thing that happens in your body, do you think that it’s important for it to operate at 100% efficiency?  Of course it is!  Any interference to the way the nerve system works will impact your body and it’s ability to keep you at your best.

A Chiropractors job is to locate areas of the spine that are causing interference.  This is called a Vertebral Subluxation.  Subluxations occur when one or more of the bones in your spine are out of their normal alignment and irritate or put pressure on nerves.  This can cause the nerve system to malfunction.  Did you know that research show that it only takes a very small amount of pressure to alter nerve funtion…Try this, Take a dime and place it on the back of your hand.  It doesn’t feel like much but thats all the pressure that is needed to cause problems.

So, going back to the original question…Chiropactic care can help your body to function at it’s best.  When it works at 100%, your body own innate or inborn intelligence will begin the process of healing just as it was designed to do. Chiropractors do not treat symptoms, instead we seek to remove the barriers that prevent your nerve system from doing it’s job.  The majority of people who come to our office do experience “relief” very quickly.  Because their nerve system is working more effieciently, they ultimately experience better overall health.

YES, Chiropractic care can help you be your best!