What to Expect on Your First Visit

First and foremost, we are here to help you!  We want you to experience health and vitality that is beyond anything that you have experienced before.  With this in mind, here is what you should expect on your first visit.

When you enter the office, Cathy will most likely welcome you.  She will have a small amount of paperwork for you to fill out.  If you would like to save a few minutes, you can click on the link to the right and print out your paperwork. Simply complete it when you have a few minutes and bring it with you. Please feel free to look around and talk to the other members  who are in the office.  I think you will find them to be a great source of support.  Most were in a similar position when they first started chiropractic care with us and most are well on their way to better health.

Your initial visit is focused on finding the cause of your problem!  Everything that we do is geared towards finding out whether you have signs of Vertebral Subluxation. Basically these are misalignment’s of spinal bones that cause pressure or irritation to nerves and interfere with the way they function.  If we find signs that this is your problem…Chiropractic care may help you.

 A consultation with Dr. Walter.  We will sit down and talk about the challenges that you face and talk over any questions you may have.  He will also briefly explain how Chiropractic care can help in your specific situation.

Our examination is focused on evaluating your spine and nerve system.  Dr. Walter will be looking for areas of spinal misalignment by feeling along your spinal column looking for areas of abnormal muscle contraction, misalignment and improper curvature. Other things that we observe are breathing, posture and leg length imbalance.

Spinal x-rays are taken on a case by case basis.  If there is something in your history that suggests the need for them, and then only those views that are absolutely necessary will be recommended.  Most cases do not require x-rays.  If you have recent spinal x-rays or MRI results, please bring them with you on your first visit.

Once we have all the information we will share our findings with you.  We will review the reason you came to our office, review the details of our tests and give you our advice about your care.  Our methods are specific and are based on years of experience correcting Subluxations and helping people regain their health.  We want you to live the best life possible, you deserve it!